La Cartuja de Sevilla by Aaron Stewart Home shows the modernity and relevance, still prevailing, of its traditional designs. The Ochavada shape, decorated with Negro Vistas, only needs a touch of color to become a completely contemporary design. This intervention in three different colors on one of the most iconic design of La Cartuja de Sevilla gives life to the capsule collection Negro Vistas by Aaron Stewart Home.
Aaron Stewart y Fernando Rodríguez – the duo behind Aaron Stewart Home – are the protagonists of an original project from San Juan de Puerto Rico since 2013, which has won many international awards, including Arts Awards ‘Best International Retailer’ 2016 and 2017.
You can buy the pieces of these collections through the email by calling +34 955 99 82 92. The delivery time is up to 30 days, since we will manufacture the pieces especially for you.