The three dots

The famous 3 dots that you can find at the back of our pieces in La Cartuja de Sevilla are from English origin and are used as a support system when our piece goes into the oven. It helps the varnish to cover the whole of the dish's surface giving it a longer durability to the enamel and therefore to the pieces.

That's the reason you see those 3 dots in some of your crockery pieces. It is, therefore, a manufacturing process hallmark based in the handicraft quality of La Cartuja de Sevilla.

The handles of our mugs

Another artisan detail in La Cartuja de Sevilla pieces is the artisan sealing of handles to our mugs. Each of them done and reviewed manually.

Royal visitors

The relationship between La Cartuja de Sevilla and the Royal family hasn't just been a business relationship.

From the year 1862 the royal families have been visiting the factory. From the visit of the queen Isabel II, Alfonso XII (1873), María Cristina (1892) and Alfonso XIII (1904).