Georgica x Carmen García Huerta

Tableware Georgica, exclusively designed by the illustrator Carmen García Huerta, part of the designer collaborators framework that La Cartuja de Sevilla launched in a new stage in their long trajectory of almost two centuries.

The creative was inspired by the traditional exotic motifs of the Seville firm. From its inception in 1841, La Cartuja included exotic scenes among its habitual decorations, echoing the British trend at the time. Among the classic motifs was the Willow which consisted in a pagoda, a bridge, some swallows and a natural surrounding presided by a weeping willow. These scenes shared the limelight with plant themes, leaves, flowers and intricate branches which were in the centre of the motif or shared space with these exotic scenes. To give them an even more evocative air, other exotic themes of oriental influence could be included.

Carmen García Huerta (Madrid, 1975). She is an illustrator very much in vogue and is most internationally recognised.  Her drawings can be seen on publications the world over like the Russian and Japanese editions of L’Officiel, the French Cosmopolitan or German Glamour, among others. She has collaborated with fashion, cosmetics and luxury firms such as Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Carrera & Carrera, Lancôme and Max Factor, among others, as well as developing more personal work which can be seen in independent publications and artistic exhibitions. She was selected as one of the top 100 international illustrators in the prestigious edition 100illustrators for the publisher Taschen.